Monday, December 17, 2007

Second Life Harassment - Caged!

I was minding my own business, perusing a great SL newsstand on Paradise Island when suddenly, a guy came up and demanded Linden from me. He claimed I needed to pay him to be on the island. (Transcript at bottom of post).

At first, I pretended not to understand and spoke to him in Spanish.

Then suddenly, he rezzed a cage around me!

Now, if I were a newbie, I'd be pretty distressed, but I figured I could TP out of it to anywhere else. I was about to do just that when he caged another female avatar, this one quite new to SL. She was pissed but didn't know what to do.

I gave her instructions, filed a harassment report, and told both of them what I was doing. I then TP'd out of the cage. Cage Boy began back peddling and accusing me of harassing him. Rich. I wonder if Arthur Sklar, maker of the cage, knows what this guy is doing with the cages.

After that exchange, I TP'd away. I wonder how many people actually payed the jerk.

16:45] Doctorboom Fall: u need yto pay to be here
[16:46] You: sorry
[16:46] Doctorboom Fall: pay or die
[16:47] Doctorboom Fall: pay me
[16:47] You: Que dices?
[16:47] Doctorboom Fall: 20L$
[16:47] You: Porque?
[16:47] You: Para que?
[16:48] Doctorboom Fall: its my land thats y
[16:48] Doctorboom Fall: pay me
[16:49] You: que rico
[16:49] Can't reposition -- permission denied
[16:49] ASUSA Breck: u want ue ass kicked
[16:49] Doctorboom Fall: lets make a sexyntime
[16:53] You: Don't worry, I reported the abuse and am putting an article about him online.
[16:53] You: just teleport out to another location
[16:53] Doctorboom Fall: u guys are mean
[16:54] You: jerk
[16:54] You: hey, just teleport out anywhere
[16:54] You: it doesn't really trap you
[16:54] Doctorboom Fall: sry gosh i was just joking and you guys just cant take a joke
[16:54] You: this guy is a newbie
[16:54] You: or at least a new account
[16:55] Doctorboom Fall: what ever i may be but you know wat the proper term in noob
[16:55] Doctorboom Fall: that makes u a noob
[16:55] You: yeah, keep talking.
[16:55] You: I'm taking notes for my report
[16:55] You: You can't even spell
[16:56] Doctorboom Fall: wht ever you guys r abusing me you r harassing me and its not fair

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