Sunday, May 13, 2007

Welcome to the SL Touring Company Blog

We offer guided tours of SL for anyone new to Second Life. We specialize in Shopping Tours.

Looking to buy something in particular? Or are you so new to the area that you'd like to create an entirely new look for your avatar? We'll find the perfect shopping spots where you can purchase from reputable designers and sellers.

We can also offer Special Events Tours - Depending on what's happening in-world, we'll take you to a special event so you can get a feel for events and gatherings. This might be a dance, a reading, a concert, even a town hall gathering.

To get a tour: If you are in SL, just IM our agent - Cybergrrl Oh - for more information about the tours. We offer a short 1-location demo to give you an idea of how a tour works.

For more information: Email us at sltouring at