Saturday, October 18, 2008

BARRED FROM SECOND LIFE? - Pat Davis, CEO of Passion Parties may or may not appear

Once again, Second Life makes it difficult to do business. Why in the world would they make it hard to help a guest to a Second Life event get into Second Life?

I've been working with Pat Davis, CEO of Passion Parties, an $80+ million US company that sells adult products through representatives across the country holding tasteful and educational events about sexuality and sensuality. She is really taken by Second Life and appeared on Athena Isle in Second Life back in March.

I've been trying to access her avatar to fix her up for another roundtable discussion on Athena Isle on Tuesday, however, when I called to retrieve her password (the one I had thought I used when I set up her account was not working), the Second Life rep refused to provide me with the password even though I could respond to ANY security question because I was the one who set up the account in the first place.

She insisted that Pat call Second Life herself and get her own password.

Well, tell that to any CEO of a multimillion dollar company. Chances are either their assistant or their consultant would do something like that for them.

The last time Pat appeared in Second Life, she was unable to actually log in (firewall at her offices) so I had two laptops on my desk and operated both her avatar and Cybergrrl Oh. I had Pat on a cellphone dictating her responses to me after I relayed the questions from the roundtable participants. She was an incredible guest and the conversation was mature and educational.

I'm just so frustrated with Second Life making things difficult for members who could be very good for Second Life. I've been hoping that Passion Parties would open up a Great Sex educational sim and store, but these kinds of barriers make doing business with Second Life a pain in the virtual and real rear end.

The other option, of course, is change her avatar's name from PatDavis Destiny to a new one. That may be our only solution at this point.

Either way, stop by on Athena Isle for the real Pat Davis but possibly the FAKE avatar.

Back by popular demand! Pat Davis, CEO of Passion Parties!

Stop by Athena Isle on Tuesday, October 20 at 12pm SLT to meet Pat Davis, president of Passion Parties, "the North American leader of at-home party business specializing in sensual products" - an $80 million+ company in the U.S.

Earlier in 2008, Davis released the Random House best-selling book The Passion Parties Guide to Great Sex. The book utilizes real-life tips and techniques to improve couples passion she has learned over the years working with tens of thousands of her consultants and the hundreds of thousands of women Passion Parties has helped.

Get your questions ready for this lively text-chat roundtable discussion!
Fnd out more about Pat's company at: