Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cybergrrl Oh podcast live in SL

Having a blast with my new format for the Cybergrrl Oh podcast "Living a 2nd Life." Like a chatty radio talk show with special guests. My new producer, SLPN (Stu Warf) rocks!

The show tapes live inworld with SL voice every Thursday at 10am SLT. Here are some of my upcoming guests and topics...

8/20/2009 Alas Zerbino
about writers and writing in SL

8/27/2009 Sioban McMahon
about West of Ireland and Project Children charity

9/3/2009 Cienega Soon
about the arts and art galleries in SL

9/10/2009 Maggie Barkley
about publishing from SL to RL

9/17/2009 Pooky Amsterdam
about using SL as a media platform

9/24/2009 Nazz Lane
about journalism and journalists in SL

Hope to see you there! Click for the SLURL to get to Corona Cay.

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