Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Upcoming December/January Guests on Cybergrrl Oh Podcast

10 Dec Throughthesewalls Moody talking about Music and managing musicians in SL
17 Dec Gracie Kendal thesis about mixed realities art
24 and 31 Dec Production Break

Starting in January 2010 , here's my tentative schedule!

1/7/2010 Twstd Ruggles hosting an SL TV show
1/14/2010 Robbie Kiama
1/21/2010 Cellandra Zon video in SL
2/4/2010 Thirza Ember SLArtsPark
2/11/2010 Aleja Asturias GimpGirl community - disability & SL

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Guest: Bronco Skytower from Wyoming Small Business Development Centers

Today's guest talking about the Wyoming initiative to reach out to entrepreneurs statewide via Second Life. Stay tuned for information about their April Native Arts show on Wyoming Entrepreneur Island.

Watch live streaming video from metaworld2 at

Saturday, November 28, 2009

December Guests on Cybergrrl Oh Podcast

We have 3 more shows before taking 2 weeks off for the holiday.

3 Dec 2009 Bronco Skytower talking about Wyoming Small Business Development Centers helping entrepreneurs inworld

10 Dec 2009 Throughthesewalls Moody talking about music and managing musicians in SL

17 Dec 2009 Gracie Kendal talking about her thesis about mixed realities art

24 Dec 2009 Production Break
31 Dec 2009 Production Break

Happy Holidays! Stay tuned for January guests and more!

Until then, you can follow me on Twitter, Fan me on Facebook and link with me on LinkedIn (avatars & SL enthusiasts only on LinkedIn, please).

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nasus Dumart & Apple MacKay

Please tune in or stop by Corona Cay in Second Life today to meet...

Today's Guest: Sue Mahar aka Nasus Dumart and Jay Mahar aka Apple McKay, the wife/husband team behind the book:

The Unofficial Guide to Building Your Business in the Second Life Virtual World: Marketing and Selling Your Product, Services, and Brand In-World

Book Cover



Go to Corona Cay in Second Life & be part of the Live Studio Audience!

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Coming up on the Cybergrrl Oh Podcast!

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Upcoming guests on my podcast:

10/15/2009 Doubledown Tandino
10/22/2009 lynsey Fleury
10/29/2009 Coughran Mayo

See you there!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This week's podcast guest: Nazz Lane

Like any good journalist, Nazz Lane has a nicely written bio with an introduction and everything! ;-)


Rezzing into his second life in March of 2007, Nazz Lane served for an interim period as a business consultant to a leading SL fashion designer and in managing the in-world events for her charitable organization. He began his career in journalism with the launch of his blog, "Lane's List" which is a personal travelogue of people and places in virtuality. Shortly after that he began freelancing for the SL Newspaper where his stories can be found generally in the Arts and Entertainment section of that publication. He is also a Freelance Reporter for the Second Arts Blog, Avenue Magazine, Nu Vibez Magazine and the Metaverse-Tribune. Nazz Lane is also an author in Second Life having recently published in SL the first five chapters of his serialized novel "Borders of Our Lives", based on characters and the setting of Second Life.


As a resident of Second Life, freelance journalist and author Nazz Lane leads an active business and social life. Rezzing into his second life in March of 2007, Nazz served for an interim period as a business consultant for a leading fashion designer, and in leading the in-world events for her second life charity. He began his career in journalism with the launch of his blog, "Lane's List" which is a personal travelogue of people and places in virtuality. Shortly after that he began freelancing for the SL Newspaper where his stories can be found generally in the People or Arts and Entertainment section of that publication. Nazz has spoken to and chronicled the stories of Musicians, Venues Owners, Artists, Gallery Openings and Owners, Nonprofit Events, People and Places for the SL Newspaper, Second Arts Blog, Avenue Magazine, Nu Vibez Magazine and the Metaverse Tribune. Since the inception of Lane's List and as a freelancer, he's met some of SL's most talented and creative people and has visited a host of sites, from captivating gardens, to affable and welcoming coffeehouses, classic ballrooms, stylish art gallery's and neighborhood gin joints.

As an author Nazz has published in SL the first five chapters of his serialized novel, “Borders of Our Lives”, which is based on characters and the setting of SL. Since the characters don’t exist solely in the metaverse, the stories integrate their lives, both virtual and real into a mixed reality. The stories cross over because the characters exist in both, the virtual and real, and their experiences on either side of the keyboard affect who they are in both lives. The stories follow the life and activities of Jeffrey Goff (aka Jeffrey Stone a lawyer from Chicago) as he explores this mixed reality.

Nazz is planning to continue working on both his novel and other fiction along with chronicling the lives of the people he meets or places he visits in SL or in any one of the several other virtual worlds he inhabits.
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This week's podcast guest: Pooky Amsterdam

Our guest this week is Pooky Amsterdam from Pooky Media. Hope to see you at Corona Cay for the live recording in front of a studio audience.

TIME 10am SLT for 1/2 hour LIVE TAPING (please show up 5-10 minutes early)
This event uses Inworld Voice.

Go to the SLURL below to sit in the "studio" audience and participate in the back chat:

You can hear recent podcasts at: or

From Pooky's bio:

Pooky believes this is the Golden Age of the Internet, and the possibilities for live TV and original production of the entertainment kind are incredible, unique and valuable.

Pooky has been producing entertainment in Multi User Virtual Environments for over 6 years, and is the Host, Producer and Writer for the 1st Question,'s weekly "Quiz Show To the Stars," which is a fast paced and fact based hour of remarkable and intelligent programming.

Head of an award winning machinima company, PookyMedia, she is currently developing 2 series as well and using Second Life as her engine of choice upon which to film. The Dating Casino, a dating game show will be starting it's second season in the Fall.
Returning on Sept 20th!

Pooky has produced over 80 hours of quality entertainment on Second Life since March of 2008.

Pooky Amsterdam was born and raised in Manhattan and has a degree in Economics. She is also an accomplished artist and has had art shows at the Ocean Bay Historical Society.
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cybergrrl Oh podcast live in SL

Having a blast with my new format for the Cybergrrl Oh podcast "Living a 2nd Life." Like a chatty radio talk show with special guests. My new producer, SLPN (Stu Warf) rocks!

The show tapes live inworld with SL voice every Thursday at 10am SLT. Here are some of my upcoming guests and topics...

8/20/2009 Alas Zerbino
about writers and writing in SL

8/27/2009 Sioban McMahon
about West of Ireland and Project Children charity

9/3/2009 Cienega Soon
about the arts and art galleries in SL

9/10/2009 Maggie Barkley
about publishing from SL to RL

9/17/2009 Pooky Amsterdam
about using SL as a media platform

9/24/2009 Nazz Lane
about journalism and journalists in SL

Hope to see you there! Click for the SLURL to get to Corona Cay.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Virtual Meetings in Second Life

My social media marketing company Conversify recently held our first virtual team meeting in Second Life. We were looking for a compelling way to bring everyone together because we work from Alaska, Colorado, California, Wyoming, Florida and the UK. Many of our team members have never met in person, most haven't even spoken with one another over the phone.

What was surprising was that it was my business partner's idea to bring everyone together in Second Life - and only surprising because she hasn't spent a lot of time inworld and Second Life is more "my thing." Still, she realized the inherent value of bringing disparate workers together into a virtual space as a way of strengthening the team.

We didn't do anything special for our first meeting other than I laid out some comfortable teak lounge chairs for seating and had a cheese platter, coffee, daiquiris and tequila shots available for refreshments. All but one had voice so we were able to have essentially a conference call with over half a dozen people "on the line." The person who couldn't get their voice to work just used text chat.

The only structured thing we did was asked each person to introduce themselves to the others and tell everyone something interesting about themselves. Everyone came away from the event excited for a number of reasons, namely they were finally getting to meet team members and many of them were trying out Second Life for the first time so discovering it was a thrill.

Here are a few tips for holding meetings in Second Life:

1. Capacity. The biggest challenge with Second Life is technical, and making sure that each participant has a computer with the capacity to handle SL can take some time. Send them to the specs page for Second Life to verify that their system is suitable.

2. Appearance. Don't underestimate the importance of avatar appearance in an inworld meeting, especially if some people have more experience in Second Life than others. Those who are "noobs" could feel self-conscious about their appearance. One of our team members expressed feeling out of sorts because her avatar looked so terrible. I ended up shopping for several team members to purchase hair, skin, outfits, and great shoes for their first foray in a virtual world. (See 2nd photo above for the results).

3. Training. Understand that some of your team may need a little hand-holding. I talked several team members through the basics of walking and sitting, two essential actions that can actually take a while to figure out.

4. Voice. The beauty of using voice in SL is that you can see when someone is speaking (green sound waves over their head) and avatars can even gesture to give far more of a sense of presence than a telephone conference call. Voice, however, is only as good as the person's system and a USB headset with microphone is a must. We spent a good chunk of time troubleshooting everyone's sound.

5. Mics off. When using voice in SL, everyone who is not speaking at a given time should mute their sound to eliminate echoing which happens when someone is using voice without a headset. This works when people are taking turns speaking. However, in a natural conversation, either everyone must have headsets and have voice working properly or you may want to revert to text chatting.

6. Moderator. Even an informal chat needs a host or hostess to keep the conversation flowing. A more formal one - such as going around the room with introductions - can benefit from someone calling on the next person to speak. This can save time as people fumble about deciding who's next and accidentally talking over one another.

These are only a few lessons learned regarding meeting in the virtual world. Happy meeting!

What have you learned regarding holding meetings in Second Life?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I won! I won! Second Life Game Show 1st Question

I didn't realize I was even ahead during the live gameshow 1st Question so was really surprised when they said I had won. For those of you who don't know, 1st Question is a fun game show on TreetTV and run by the lovely Pooky Amsterdam.

What's the latest fun thing you have done in Second Life?
check out my appearance!
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Monday, January 19, 2009

Back in SL for an Inauguration Party - Quaker Oatmeal & a Good Cause

8am SLT to 10am SLT on Tuesday, we'll be holding an Inauguration Viewing Party on SL.

I am so excited to be back in Second Life. I'm also thrilled to be working with friends to create the SL version of the "Start with Substance" Inauguration Viewing Party to correspond with the RL events.

Here are some "behind-the-scenes" pics as we get ready for the event. The oatmeal bowl is by MincedMedia Clip and gives out individual hot oatmeal and spoons. The tshirts are by me - via my SL tshirt biz Cybergrrl Teez. Decor by Lilith Heart - had fun shopping there!

Stop by for a hot virtual breakfast of oatmeal from Quaker Oatmeal, free t-shirts and chat with us as we all watch the inauguration!