Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This week's podcast guest: Pooky Amsterdam

Our guest this week is Pooky Amsterdam from Pooky Media. Hope to see you at Corona Cay for the live recording in front of a studio audience.

TIME 10am SLT for 1/2 hour LIVE TAPING (please show up 5-10 minutes early)
This event uses Inworld Voice.

Go to the SLURL below to sit in the "studio" audience and participate in the back chat:

You can hear recent podcasts at: or

From Pooky's bio:

Pooky believes this is the Golden Age of the Internet, and the possibilities for live TV and original production of the entertainment kind are incredible, unique and valuable.

Pooky has been producing entertainment in Multi User Virtual Environments for over 6 years, and is the Host, Producer and Writer for the 1st Question,'s weekly "Quiz Show To the Stars," which is a fast paced and fact based hour of remarkable and intelligent programming.

Head of an award winning machinima company, PookyMedia, she is currently developing 2 series as well and using Second Life as her engine of choice upon which to film. The Dating Casino, a dating game show will be starting it's second season in the Fall.
Returning on Sept 20th!

Pooky has produced over 80 hours of quality entertainment on Second Life since March of 2008.

Pooky Amsterdam was born and raised in Manhattan and has a degree in Economics. She is also an accomplished artist and has had art shows at the Ocean Bay Historical Society.
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