Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Upcoming December/January Guests on Cybergrrl Oh Podcast

10 Dec Throughthesewalls Moody talking about Music and managing musicians in SL
17 Dec Gracie Kendal thesis about mixed realities art
24 and 31 Dec Production Break

Starting in January 2010 , here's my tentative schedule!

1/7/2010 Twstd Ruggles hosting an SL TV show
1/14/2010 Robbie Kiama
1/21/2010 Cellandra Zon video in SL
2/4/2010 Thirza Ember SLArtsPark
2/11/2010 Aleja Asturias GimpGirl community - disability & SL

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Guest: Bronco Skytower from Wyoming Small Business Development Centers

Today's guest talking about the Wyoming initiative to reach out to entrepreneurs statewide via Second Life. Stay tuned for information about their April Native Arts show on Wyoming Entrepreneur Island.

Watch live streaming video from metaworld2 at