Saturday, December 22, 2007

Late November, Early December in Second Life

End of November, meeting with powerwomen and friends Sophrosyne Stenvaag and Alanagh Recreant. Brainstorming about Uthango, the FreeRice contest and fundraiser, Virtual Africa...

Sitting on a MillionsofUs panel with Celebrity MillionsofUs moderating and special guests including the incomparable Starr Sonic.

Making new friends - and learning about the needs of tinies at events such as special seating. Trying to make my venues more friendly for diverse avatars.

My latest line of tshirts is The Seven Deadly Sins. Next up: The Seven Virtues.

Soph & Grace speaking at an Extropia event.

Grace McDunnough plays at Extropia. First time I saw her play. Gorgeous singing voice! She is awesome!!

Me drinking a lot of wine at the Roligt! store opening. Well attended by fashionistas and fashion fans alike. Rolig Loon, proprietor, is in yellow and green.

Me the morning after the Roligt! party, still with a wine glass in my hand.

The beautiful Chel Pixie.

A power meeting with powerwomen Tynan Clary, Reese Lewellyn and Chel Pixie. Contemplating world domination!

Ziggy Figaro of Information Week speaking at my Writers Wednesday group.

Writers Wednesday with Ziggy Figaro, guest speaker.

Space Junkeys (sp?) concert.

Me just standing around listening to the music at the Space Junkeys concert.

Drummer of the Space Junkeys.

Another Orange event. Can't remember the topic, but I do like going to them.

My book agent Jacky Sachs from Bookends LLC guest speaking at my final Writers Wednesday group meeting.

The last Writers Wednesday meeting. I've since moved on to a new group: Second Life Writers Club.

Cybergrrl Oh looking feminine in a lovely Last Call ensemble.

Attended the Joysco Winter Fashion Show. Still looking for professional business suits. This one certainly does not fit the bill but it is a cute babydoll dress.

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chel.pixie said...

Oh wow. Lovely picture of me Aliza. Thanks for posting it.

I LOVE the Envy shirt. :)