Wednesday, August 1, 2007

'Forest of Dennis' Brings Second Life's First "Reality Show" to Elysian Isle

I'd be remiss if I didn't publish this news release since I am the writer-in-residence & all-around marketing gal at Elysian Isle.



'Absorbing, provocative and huge fun' - The Times

'Complusive and hugely entertaining' - The Observer

Ebury Publishing are building a virtual 'Forest of Dennis' in Second Life to promote the paperback publication of "How to Get Rich" by Felix Dennis, (2nd August 07) .

Within the Forest, there will be an extract from the book and a video playing on a loop of Felix Dennis reciting one of his poems about how to get rich. Posters with quotes from the book and review quotes will be placed on trees in the forest.

Visitors to the 'Forest of Dennis' can take part in a competition to submit their best ideas of how to make money in Second Life. Three winners will receive a signed copy of "How to Get Rich." In addition, the third prize winner will receive 10,000 Linden, the second prize is 15,000 Linden and first prize is 25,000 Linden.

The first Second Life "Reality Show" takes place when each of the winners are given a plot on the Random House island to develop their business idea including a cost-free two-month lease. Ebury Publishing will post regular updates on the contestants' progress on the mini site on Random House UK's Web site. The ultimate winner - the resident who makes the most money during the "show" - will then get an additional 50,000 Linden.

All visitors to the forest will receive a free pair of Felix-style glasses and a free “Ask me how to get rich” t-shirt.

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