Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Do Avatars Dream of Digital Sheep?

I was up part of the night thinking of this blog post title. Not really, but I have been curious about the fact that I find myself dreaming about Second Life a lot lately.

Mind you, I'm not dreaming "IN" Second Life, meaning in my dreams I am not my avatar Cybergrrl Oh and the environment around me isn't SL. I'm just dreaming about all the things I want to do in Second Life and all the things I'm doing.

I was worrying about what to wear to my housewarming party which may not even happen now because of the Grid outage. I was picturing the outfits I have in my inventory and the new one I purchased hastily the other day from Blaze with another rushed purchase of matching shoes at Shiny Things. Would I wear that, I wondered?

And who would show up at my party? Would anyone show up? After yesterday's well attended gathering at the Cafe des Amis where I played hostess, I hoped it was a sign that the party would be even more successful.

(a few guests and friends at the Cafe des Amis yesterday)

I also thought about other events I could hold on Elysian Isle and how to get the word out. And I dreamt about ways to build community in SL and the conversations I've had with others recently in SL. I've been taking my role as writer-in-residence very seriously and have even become somewhat of a grassroots marketer for the Isle.

If I had imagined the Grid would be down during my party, I don't think I would have slept at all. As you can see, This Is Not A Game. I don't dream about games.

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