Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cybergrrl Oh Fashion Attempts

I love shopping in SL, but I can't vouch for my sense of style other than to say if I had the money in RL - and wanted to spend it on clothing and had places to go - I'd probably wear what my avatar wears. Just a sampling...

The top and pants (suede) are freebies. Hair by Gurl6 and shoes from Shiny Things.

Top from Mischief. I think pants were freebies. Hair was probably 10 Linden at a Goth store and a little too big for my head. Shoes from Shiny Things.

My fave hair from Gurl6. Top was freebie - possibly from Freebie Jeebies along with the capris. Boots from Shiny Things.

Shirt and pants from Mischief. Shoes from Shiny Things. Hair from Gurl6. I love this outfit because other than the belly showing, it looks exactly like something I'd wear in RL.

Can't say I'd wear this in RL anytime soon - no place to wear it, and I'm not much into heels. This whole outfit was freebie - Freebie Jeebies, I think. Hair is Gurl6.

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Caterin said...

The Gurl6 hair is fabby on you!