Sunday, July 22, 2007

Second Life Update

So I've decided to use this blog to document my Second Life experiences as well as linking to news and information I find online about Second Life.

I started out in my first weeks on SL thinking that I would become a tour guide for newbies interested in finding fun places and especially interested in buying things. Always looking for an entrepreneurial angle to everything I do.

The reality was, however, that newbies didn't have money to pay me for the tours. So I've resorted to gifting newbies with enough Lindens to buy their first clothes or hair and leading them to my favorite shopping spots. I guess this is a Pay It Forward kind of thing that is fun for me to do.

When I first arrived on SL and wanted to take a snapshot of my avatar, I asked for some technical assistance from Annabelle, a savvy resident.

"You don't want to take a photo right now," she exclaimed.

"Why not?" I asked.

"Because you don't look very good," she told me. "No offense, but you look like a newbie." Then she offered to take me shopping and gave me enough money to buy a great outfit and told me how to get new hair as well.

I still remember the exchange fondly and hope to give others that same warm welcome and guidance in SL. Not that I'm an incredible pro at this yet, however, I've already mastered the art of creating fashionable ensembles out of a mix of freebies and purchased items and grouping them in folders in my inventory so all I have to is drop a folder on my avatar for an instant head-to-toe style change.

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