Monday, July 23, 2007

Inworld Today

Today I did a number of things inworld. Let's see...

I wrote two articles for - one about Cofidis bicycile races in Second Life and the other about the MIPCOM Mobile & Internet TV Awards. Tried out the free bike racing gear and attempted to race a bike on Cofidis Island. That was a trip!

Had a nice conversation with another reporter from who is based in Norway. We hung out at various locales around Elysian Isle including the cafe and the beach. That was very enjoyable.

Bought more shoes at Shiny Things. I'm convinced that you cannot have enough shoes in both RL and SL. Can't wait to pair them up with some new outfits.

Yesterday was a great day, too. Bought a beautiful bed in a custom color and two gorgeous Japanese screens from a designer - AnneMarie McCellan - who helped me fix up my apartment above the dress shop on Elysian Isle. More about her soon.

Now I'm planning a housewarming party for my new apartment. Update on the party soon.

Tomorrow, I'll be on Elysian Isle at the Cafe from 1pm - 3pm SLT (PST). I'll post a SLURL later.

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