Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This Weeks Guest- Mytical Demina

Shenlei Flasheart's appearance this week will be postponed, but she will be joining us very soon. Instead, Mystical Demina of Extreme Reality has been gracious enough to fill in for the show.

Extreme Reality
Extreme Reality innovates and develops browser, mobile and desktop virtual reality simulations in Unity3D, Second Life and OpenSim.

Since being founded by the following we have been working with the Duke University School of Nursing and with Rockcliffe University on next generation nurse training simulator that is very similar to the project you are envisioning except they are practicing the actual medical diagnosis and intervention.

Creator of the Extreme Reality Skins, photo realistic skins.

He also worked on XNA based Second Life client. Xenki which is a browser based Second Life client. Developed a .NET 3.0 version of the OpenSim servers using WCF, Windows Workflow and Entity Framework. Been an active member of Second Life for over 3 years involved any many content related projects

Kevin Tweedy
Responsible for the technology products and services of Extreme Reality, Kevin has been an IT solution architect with 25+ years experience with companies like Anheuser-Bush, Digital, Amdocs, Influence, Koch International Supply and Trade, Merrill-Lynch and Rosetta Marketing.

Mystical recently was a speaker at Metameets 2010 on next generation virtual worlds for education

Meet Mystical THURSDAY, May 13th at 11:00 AM SLT/PST at

Want to be a guest on the show? Email Cybergrrl Oh AT Gmail DOT com.

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