Sunday, January 31, 2010

Upcoming Cybergrrl Oh Podcast Guests February 2010

We're cooking, baby! Here are some of our upcoming guests for "Living a 2nd Life" hosted by me, Cybergrrl Oh and produced in audio format by Stu Warf and video format by Malburns Writer.

2/4/2010 Thirza Ember, SLArtsPark
2/11/2010 Aleja Asturias, GimpGirl community - disability & SL
2/18/2010 Persephone Phoenix, Publishing on LuLu, Poetry open Mic
2/25/2010 Bernard Drax, Machinima and controversy in SL

Who else would you like to meet in Second Life? Or if you'd like to be on the show, just let me know!

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