Monday, March 3, 2008

Metanomics Sinks Into the Second Life Sea!

Trying to get out more and get my nose off the grindstone for a breather. Headed to Metanomics today. First, I ended up in a total no-man's-land, but eventually found my way with TPs from friends.

Then, just as I settled in and got my sound working, half the sim fell into the ocean. No kidding! Pics below and posted at the request of Beyers Sellers who got a good chuckle when I sent one of these to him.

Immediately after taking the 2nd pic, I crashed, then made my way back to the sim. Many of us were stuck standing above the seating, and we began cracking some jokes about getting stuck on top of the glass ceiling versus under it.

This is Second Life.


Zulkijora said...

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Rob said...

You can't stop have to tell everyone how great the interview was!! *I* enjoyed it, in any event.