Thursday, February 14, 2008

Around Second Life in First Half of February

Somehow my avatar ended up at the bottom of the water, lying down, unable to get up. Guess Second Life was having a senior moment.

This is Inanna Aya, watercolor artists. Her work is currently being shown at Athena Gallery of Women's Art. SLURL:

Friend Ziggy Figaro invited me to an 18th century RP sim. We never really got to explore it, but I did spend some Linden on this lovely outfit.

I was gifted this absolutely wonderful elephant who talks. His name is Woody.

Another Second Life blooper - a purple and blue checked outfit on my avatar. You don't think I'd BUY something like this?

Second Life Women's Club
hosted author Janice Taylor on Feb 12th. She wrote the book "Our Lady of Weight Loss."

Me setting up for the Second Life Writers' Club special guest on Feb 13th, Maria Liberati, author and celebrity chef.

Me relaxing on Athena Isle.

All dressed up for a Valentine's Day party that TheDiva Rockin was giving but couldn't get in. Story of my Second Life. All dressed up and no place to go.


Caterin Semyorka said...

Hey, nice meeting Woody that time:

Caterin xx

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