Sunday, January 6, 2008

Second Life Shrinks My Avatar!

I've had virtually no experience with tinies but with the help of my two tiny friends iAlja & iYan, I purchased a perfect tiny avatar for myself and began my transformation.

Photos below...

iYan gave me instructions step by step. But what he forgot to tell me was that when I "make an outfit," I need to check ALL the boxes.

So after I experienced my tiny cuteness and was getting back to regular size to rush off to the first dress rehearsal of my new show, I was unable to revert. I was stuck halfway between tiny & full size with knobbly legs and brown fur, yet wearing my nice new business outfit and lovely red hair.

I arrived at the TV shoot in my partial tiny-ness much to everyone's amusement. Just before we began shooting, I finally decided to revert my avatar back to the default - "girl next door" - then build it back quickly with the bits & pieces I had saved over the last few months. And was able to do the shoot at my regular shape and size.

NOTE TO SELF: Check all boxes when making an outfit to return to my regular avi.


IYan Writer said...

I think you must have had the default shape somewhere in the inventory - replacing the outfit for the tiny just took it off.

Still, come on, you've been in SL for a year :P can't blame a poor little tiny cat.

Cybergrrl Oh said...

Dem darn catz. They're cute & all, but I think they like a little bit of mischief.