Monday, November 12, 2007

Second Life Inspires New Tshirts by Cybergrrl

Last Saturday, I was the "guest speaker" at Sophrosyne's Saturday Salon. It was a 2 1/2 hour discussion that ran the gamut of our life and work in Second Life and building online communities. I was even inspired to create a tshirt on the spot that says "We Are the Internet."

The Second Life Women's Club clubhouse was griefed by floating Marios. And of course, it inspired yet another tshirt...

The "I Survived a Griefer" tshirt will be available at my new tshirt shop that I'm opening in partnership with The Traveling Avatar. The shop is called Snark Attack. Details and opening party soon!

Another new tshirt - "Music on the Isle" - and this is a freebie to promote the new Music on the Isle show with on Elysian Isle that takes place every Thursday evening at 6pm SLT in the Rose Garden.

Our first musical guest for Music on the Isle was Hep Shepherd aka Jeff Krantz. What a pro! And great musician, too.

Hep Shepherd performing in the Rose Garden on Elysian Isle for Music on the Isle.

My new hairstyle. I love the bangs and beautiful curls! And my sweet little sock monkey. Maybe I'll make a tshirt that says "I Love My Sock Monkey!"

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