Friday, October 26, 2007

Can you hear me now? Text & Telephony in Second Life

Tried out the new Vodafone product for an article on

It took me 3 tries to activate my phone before I realized that I had to scroll down on the text message to get my special key. Doh!

Then trying to get someone else on the line was next to impossible. Nobody I know has the Vodafone. Finally convinced my friend Goldie to pop over to the Vodafone sim and give it a try. It worked for her on the first attempt. Smart chicky.

Basically, the Vodafone inworld connects both our mobile phones in the real world - so we get charged based on our calling plans. Kind of silly having our avatars standing next to one another and being on the phone together but even sillier using an inworld HUD to make it happen.

I'm on the fence about this utility personally. But I do like carrying my little Vodafone around inworld although people think it is an iPod!

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