Friday, September 14, 2007

Three winners of the Felix Dennis 'How to get rich' business ideas competition revealed


Three winners of the Felix Dennis 'How to get rich' business ideas competition revealed

September 14, 2007 (ELYSIAN ISLE) - Ebury Publishing announced today the winners of the first round of the Felix Dennis ‘How to Get Rich’ Second Life business ideas competition. The competition is part of the promotion for Felix Dennis’ book ‘How to Get Rich’ and is being held on Ebury’s Second Life sim Elysian Isle.

A presentation to the winners will be made in the Elysian Isle Town Square Saturday, Sept. 15 at 12pm SLT. (Winners listed below).

The judges selected three winners from a wide range of entries submitted over the last month. Each winner will receive a cash prize and go forward to Round Two where they will have to set their businesses up on the Isle and make money.

"We had lots of good entries and the overall standard was very high," said Elysian Isle Manager Nick Gloucester. "Selecting the three winners was quite a challenge.”

Each of the winners will be given two months to make a profit from their business idea. The individual who can show the biggest profit at the end of that period will be deemed the winner of the grand prize of an additional L$50,000 on top of their first round winnings

The winners of Round One are...TO BE ANNOUNCED SATURDAY!

Each of the winners will also receive free business premises on Elysian Isle for three months.

The progress of our three contestants can be followed through the Elysian Isle blog - and members of the general public are invited to visit the three businesses at their Elysian Isle locations.

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